7 tracks that influenced Only Now for his Elements EP


June 6, 2017

We asked Only Now to select 7 tracks that inspired him when producing the tracks present on the recently released Elements.

Dj Liu’K – Simples & Bom

Hands down THE most underrated (and elusive) producer in the newer mutations of kuduro and Afro house – possibly because it doesn’t fit into either really. Dj Liu’K stands out by his remarkable sense of tribal power paired with infectious slabs of beats that do not get old. Every single element is placed like a master, and has inspired me endlessly. High power ammunition for dj sets, you can hear the influence on “Elements”.

Cranioclast – Solarium

I’ve revisited these Italian dark ambient and noise masters over the past 20 years a lot. Pure hate and unrelenting atmosphere that many attempt but few touch with such an occult fashion… you can hear the influence within the snakes and noise of “Dirt”. If you listen to their record enough I promise you will have some mental effects, I’ve certainly smashed some things to it. No fucking hope, no fucking way!

Os Lambas – Mamadi

Angola’s kuduro kings left a lasting impression on me and still are my favorite in the genre to date . Tougher than fucking grenade shrapnel beats that overload and distort in the most artful ways bend through waterdrum bends and the distinct voice of their legendary lead singer Na Grelha. Gun load clicks and pure power , unrelenting inspired lots of the sounds in “Elements” and “Dirt”.

Blut Aus Nord – Epitome VXIII

French black metal savants turned Godflesh worship masters have carved a space out that nobody really has to date with their exhaustive journey through the dark arts. They are so good at using atonal chords in their guitars, and tuning cymbals, synths , and drums to create a really unique scale structure throughout each of their records. Side A of the record is heavily inspired by this act and similar ones by tuning steam, metal, Chinese cymbals, and physically modeled synths to contain its own world of chords, that finally resolve with traditional choral refrains at the end of “Factory Ghost.”

Matrixxman – Venetian Mask

Friend Charlie Duff and once San Francisco local always was at the top of his game in all his projects from his rap work to his Now pulsing cyber world. This track stuck out and continually inspired me with his work on the pads and new school/ old school take on classic house and techno. The drifting pads for sure somehow influenced me on “Tribute to Detroits”‘s Pro 2 synthesizer and Reaktor synth patches I developed, and this tune is a modern classic.

Robert Hood – Minimal nation

The Detroit Underground Resistance god wasn’t somebody who I followed in his heyday actively, but came to appreciate later in my early 20’s for his true sense of pure and cold techno with uncompromising polyrhythms. This entire classic record’s flow helped me pair down my often too busy creations and go to the bare bones of cycling arpeggios and sequencing which can be heard particularly on the kickless version of  “Tribute to Detroit”.

Rudeboyz – Mitsubishi song

When I first heard early era Gqom on kasi MP3 it was like an answer to so many prayers. The upswing and vocal chants made so much sense and I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning , and cannot wait to see the next move from these guys.

Only Now – Elements is available on digital and vinyl on all major platforms.

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