About Numen
November 24, 2014

Numen is a track I wrote after I watched Les Maitres du temps, an animated science-fiction film from the 80’s directed by Rene Laloux and designed by Moebius. Watching this movie again threw me 20 years back. I felt panic and uneasiness from the very first frame.

I love comic books from that era. I’m no expert but my brother bought a lot of them back in the days and I loved to browse them. Just looking at the drawings, without giving too much importance to the story really nourished my imagination.

Numen is a very special track for me. I think it is out of the dance music usual codes. It emanates some sort of mystic language with its dissonant sounds, its resonances and its strong tribal influences.

This track also draws a lot from the late 90’s drum’n’bass. At this time, tracks were telling a story. It wasn’t only about smashing a dance floor.

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