We are very proud to introduce you Prettybwoy’s ep “Overflow” out now on POLAAR
May 19, 2016

Hailing from Tokyo, Prettybwoy is grime’s ambassador in Japan. Pioneer of the genre on the ever-changing underground Japanese scene, the young DJ/producer has launched his own series of events called Golly Gosh, recognised in the city as the first underground clubbing destination for bass-heavy dance music lovers.

As you may know, we’ve worked with him for a couple of month now, he was part of our Territoires Vol1 album with this awesome instrumental tune called “Hansei”. Then, we’ve shared with you a vocal version of “Hansei” featuring 2 japanese Mcs, Dufff and Dekishi. This one was a massive success online, japanese grime is slowly but surely gaining some interests.

We are now really happy to make you discover his debut ep called “Overflow”. The four-track EP explores the boundaries between grime, dubstep and IDM. First track of the EP, ‘Overflow’ is made of chopped up, destructured beats in typical instrumental grime fashion. ‘Vivid Colour’s catches the ear with the melodic, delicate tones you would expect at dawn at a festival. ‘Humid’ is a more futuristic track that shines through a catchy, enveloping bassline whilst ‘Flutter’ showcases a more minimalistic tone, emphasizing a simple yet mesmerising melody.

The ep is available as a digital download and a really nice white colored limited vinyl copy. Get your copy!

8/10 on Mixmag
“Un grime épuré, technologiquement à la pointe, et empreint d’une certaine poésie” Tsugi
“Overflow is essential” Clash Mag
Supported by Laurent Garnier, Mumdance, Nguzunguzu, Roska, Murlo, Scratcha DVA…


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