Label Manager, Dj, Producer

Flore‘s music aesthetic has always been driven by complex rhythms and bewitching basslines. As a result, her production always shows a raw energy expressed in a sexy and wild groove that is unique to her. Her new live show RITUAL (created with the VJ collective WSK) is a captivating piece where the listener’s body, soul and mind are manipulated like voodoo dolls during the whole ceremony.

Born and raised in Lyon, Flore played guitar in her young years but turned toward production and deejaying in the late-nineties. She remembers: “One evening with my brother, we went to a Bjork concert. Goldie ensured the first part of the concert with Timeless played live. We danced like crazy during his whole set. The next day, I knew that this was what I wanted to do and I dropped the guitar for mk2’s”. After having made her first appearances in the drum’n’bass and breaks scene in the early 2000s, Flore became known to the general public by her appearance in 2003 at one of the most well known festival in France: Le Printemps de Bourges. That same year, she released her debut EP and played at the opening of the first edition of the festival les Nuits Sonores in Lyon, burning her name into festivalgoers’ memories.

Her strong deejaying skills got her to play for 6 years straight at Nuits Sonores and also to tour other festival in France (Marsatac, Nordik Impakt, Astropolis, Les Transmusicales, Francofolies, Electron, etc) and abroad: London, Geneva, Berlin, Barcelona, Sarajevo, Budapest, Beijing, Tokyo. After a dozen of released EPs, 2010 sees Flore releasing her debut album RAW on the UK label Botchit & Scarper. Critically acclaimed by both international medias and Flore’s peers, RAW marks a decisive turning point in her career as a producer and allows her to collaborate with foreign artists and prestigious record companies such as Daniel Haaksman‘s Man Recordings and Diplo‘s Mad Decent.

In recent years, Flore has also created soundtracks for contemporary dance shows. An experience that inspired her when she created her new live show
RITUAL with the VJ collective WSK. She describes this new project as “A totally new music approach, taking inspirations in uk bass and techno, with tribal energy and psychedelic accents”. The premiere took place on January the 16th, 2014 at the Transclub in Lyon in front of a packed dancefloor. Feedbacks have been amazing so far, both from the public and the local press.

Flore is also starting the POLAAR record label. She explains: “POLAAR is the name of club nights I have been running for 2 years in Lyon and Paris. In geography, a pole is a place that controls a territory, and these nights have been a place to elude every cliche of the bass music scene. I want
the record label to have the same exigence towards music. The two first releases will be tracks extracted from the RITUAL show, in order to set the global aesthetic of the label. After that, POLAAR will be a place for producers to release their more cinematic tunes”.

Flore is currently busy honing her live show and pushing her label forward. On RITUAL, Flore is playing her music the way she always wanted to, creating a unique sound that is the culmination of her previous experiences and her artistic mindset which that is sure to win her the notoriety that is demanded by the quality of her work.